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PPG started to supply Foleshill Plating in June 2011, when a new transporter Electrocoating process was installed, to augment the existing older conveyor line. After 18 months, the conveyor line was also filled with PPG Powercron 6000, both sales and the team relationship continued to grow. In April 2015, a new high productivity, state of the art conveyor line was commissioned, which significantly enhanced Foleshill Plating capabilities to supply products into the market place with short turnaround. All 3 processes have since been upgraded to Powercron 6200HE, PPG’s premium product. FP Advanced Coatings are well positioned to grow further this year with the start-up of their new venture, a high volume powder coating line. It is our pleasure to support Foleshill Plating in their coating activities and to be part of a winning team.

Nick Vaughan
Account Manager, PPG